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In  fact  only  40  years  ago  Pattaya as  we  know  it  today,  didn”t  even  exist.   On  the stretch of coast between Sriracha and Sattahip,  there  were  only  a small number of fishing villages and in Pattaya bay itself, there were just a few fishing families who had settled  here  because  of  the  calm waters and the safety of the bay, protected headlands to the North and South and by mountains behind.  Their  nearest  neighbors lived just around the headland to the north, where, in the old days salt used to be produced (Naa-Klua = salt fields)  but  where  there  were  now  mainly  fishing  families.  People  traveled  about by foot or by bullock carts because, except of the main road from Bangkok to Sattahip, only a few dirt roads and tracks existed.


Jomtien Beach
Jomtien Beach this 6-kilometers long, largely straight beach, some 4 kilometers south of  Pattaya, is the most notable of several beaches south of the resort. The beach is popular with windsurfs and waterspouts enthusiasts, largely because the area enjoys brisk and fresh breezes sweeping inland from the Thai Gulf, and because the seas are less congested with boats than is Pattaya Bay.
Jomtien is also a major residential area with beachside hotels, bunga low complexes, condominiums and restaurants.

Pattaya Beach
Pattaya Beach some 4 kilometers long, this beach faces Pattaya Bay, the major venue from where boats visit Pattaya’s offshore islands. The beach curves from north to south and is largely paralleled by a tree-lined promenade and beach road, which is lined, in the northern and central parts, by hotels and restaurants.
The northern section of the beach is largely tranquil, while the central and southern parts become increasingly lively, thanks to a juxtaposition of shops, department stores, boutiques, beauty salons, supermarkets, bars, discotheques, restaurants and night clubs. The central area of the beach is a major shopping area, while the southern end is one of Pattaya”s major nightlife areas.

Wong Prachan Beach
Won Prachan Beach is on the northern side of  Pattaya Bay. The 1-kilometer beach shares the same entrance as the Central Wong Amat Hotel. A quiet spot, the beach is ideal for swimming and relaxation.

Larn Island
Koh Larn situated to the West of  Pattaya Strait, about 7.7 Kilometers from the shore, covering an area of about 4 square kilometers, popularly known as Coral Island and is 45 minutes by ferry or 20 minutes by speed boat from Pattaya Beach.

There are beautiful beaches, clear water, and an abundance of coral. Visitors can view the coral either from a glass-bottom boat or by diving down directly. A well-known beach is at Ta Waen Beach in the northern part of the Island, a 750 meters stretch of white sand with many stalls andshops. Sightseeing boats mostly dock in this area.

There are also Laemtien Beach and Samae Beach on the south-western side, each beach spanning a length of 700 and 100 meters respectively.Both are regarded as beautiful and interesting sports, especially Laemtien Beach which has remained exceptionally clean and tranquil. There are now a few stores servisitors. Ta Pan Beach on the western part of the island is 500 meters in length with make-shift lodging available.

On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, sightseeing boats usually dock along this beach all the way to Laemtie where there is coral. On the southern part is Nual Beach 450 meters in length. On this beach a hotel which accommodates a large number of tourists. This is another good place for viewing coral.

Phai Group Island
Koh Phai Group of islands is comprised of  Koh Phai, Koh Manvichai, Koh leom, Koh Klung Badan etc., Koh Phai being the largest. The islands are presently under the supervision of the Royal Navy. The Koh Phai groups of islands are situated at a distance about 13 kilometers from Pattaya and takes 2 hours to reach by boat. There is a lighthouse on top of a hill at Koh Phai. Visitor’s can enjoy relaxing-moments, swimming, fishing and diving down to view the coral.

Krok Island

Koh  Krok a  small  island  covering  an  area  of 0.05 square kilo – meters,   approximately   8   kilometers   from   the  shore.  The island comprises  mostly  rocks.  Only  one sandy-beach on the east of the island  is  Koh  Krok beach which is only 100 meters in length. This is an ideal place for coral viewing.

Sak Island
Koh  Sak some  10  kilometers  west  of  Pattaya strait or 600 meters away from Koh Larn. Koh Sak is  another  Small  Island  shaped  like a horseshoe with an area of 0.05 square kilometers. It  has  two  beaches,  one  on  the  northern  cover  250 meters in length, and area in which boats usually  stop  for  tourists to swim and another one on the southern part of the island opposite the first  island,  with  a  pathway  linking the two beaches, a small beach 80 meters in length. A coral is found at the area in front of the beach. Skin-diving is also possible in this vicinity

By Bus

By 1st Class Air Conditioned Bus (Duration 2 1/2 hrs.)
Depart form the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai) to the Pattaya Bus Station on North Pattaya Rd. daily at 05.00 hrs. and every 30 minutes until 23.00 hrs. One way fare: 117 baht. Reservation: Rung Ruang Tour Tel. 02-390-1230

Depart from the Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) to the Pattaya Bus Station on North Pattaya Rd. daily at 04.00 hrs. and every 30 minutes until 22.00 hrs. One way fare: 124 Baht Reservation : Rung Ruang Tour Tel. 02-271-2962

Depart from the Bus Terminal (North Pattaya) to the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai) One way fare: 113 Baht and to the Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) One way fare: 121 Baht. daily at 05.00 hrs. and every 30 minutes until 23.00 hrs. Reservation : Rung Ruang Tour Tel. 02-271-2962

Depart from the Bangkok Airport to Pattaya at 09.00, 12.00 and 19.00 hrs. One way fare: 180 Baht Reservation: Thai Airways, arrival lounge, Bangkok Airport Tel. 02-535-2801, 535-2803 Pattaya Tel. 038-423-140

Departure from any hotel in Bangkok to Pattaya daily at 09.00, 11.30, 14.30 hrs. One way fare is 200 baht. Reservation: bell Travel Tel: 02-747-4675-6

By 2nd Class Air Conditioned Bus and Regualar Bus (Unspecified)

Departure from the Eastern Bus Ternimal, Tel. 02-391-2504, Daily at 05.00 hrs. and every 30 minutes until 21.00 hrs. One way fare: 120 baht.

BY train

Few  visitors  to Pattaya are aware that the city does have a railway station. It is north of  Sukhumvit Rd close to the Siam Country Club. One train a day leaves Bangkok Railway Station (Hualamphong) at 7am and  takes  5 hours to works its way down to Pattaya. For more details call (66-2) 223-7010, 223-7020.

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